Fifty years on

Fifty years on, the government plans to create a similar dangerous situation at the intersection of Antill and Badham Streets, in Dickson. In addition, people walking direct from the new supermarkets to Downer will have the dubious benefit of traffic signals that prevent them from proceeding except when their path conflicts with that of drivers turning right on a green arrow..

Charley, Rawtenstall: I’m a single parent, now unemployed due to redundancy/closure of business and struggling to live on the little benefit money I get. I’m not happy at being classed as average in regards to smoking and drinking as I do neither, yet still have no money.

These all too familiar comments portray the shocking reality of our society trying to catch up with one of the most daunting human rights violations of our time: human trafficking. We have all heard of it, we have watched popular Hollywood movies like “Taken” and seen international news reports about young foreign girls rescued from brothels.

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Morissette had about $2 million in jewelry and valuables stolen from her Brentwood mansion. (Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press via AP). With a top speed of 195mph, the GTC is just about the fastest thing with a drop top and four seats. It’s also incredibly comfortable and put together with the kind of craftsmanship that would make a Savile Row tailor weep with envy and curse his ham fisted attempts at elegance.For: It’s refined, cheap jerseys luxurious and faster than a cheetah on Red BullAgainst: Your millionaire mates will sneer that it’s just a Volkswagen in drag.If you’re looking for a more traditional midlife crisis motor, then look no further than the BMW Z4.

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